Strategic Partnerships Formed - September, 2001

Pearl Data Systems, Inc. is proud to announce their most recent strategic partnership with Benefits By Design, one of the managing partners of The IC Advantage, located in Clifton Park, New York. Pearl Data Systems, Inc. has been positioned as the exclusive software development firm for Benefits By Design, a leading outsourcing firm for companies that utilize independent contractors. Benefits By Design primarily offers their outsourcing services to major corporations in the transportation industry, and have established offices throughout the United States.

The high-end business application programming and Internet design services being provided by Pearl Data Systems, Inc. alleviates Benefits By Design from the need to outsource development services, allowing their staff to focus on providing customer service for their rapidly expanding client base.

This partnership will be a major force in the growth of both firms and will dramatically improve their visibility to potential clients and diversify the services offered by both companies.

Pearl Data Systems, Inc. and Vision Systems Inc. would like to announce a newly formed strategic partnership. Vision Systems Inc. a prominent solutions firm located in Albany, New York has recently shifted their business concentration to larger scale network consulting. Pearl Data Systems, Inc. has been positioned to provide high-end business application programming and Internet design. This will allow Vision Systems, Inc. to provide an even greater level of customer service, as well as give their clients access to advanced development services.

Vision Systems, Inc. has a large and diversified client base. Pearl Data Systems, Inc. welcomes the opportunity to provide our Internet, software and database development services. This partnership will enable both companies to expand operations, as well as improve visibility to potential customers.